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Eddie Bauer + American Forests

Throughout our long-standing partnership, we’ve planted 8 million trees. Each of those 8 million trees has made a substantial difference for wildlife, people and the environment. Learn more below!


The trees planted as a result of our partnership have led to the sequestration of over 19 million metric tons of CO2. That’s like taking over 4.1 million cars off the road annually – and making huge strides on climate change action.


Did you know the snowpack of the Sierra Nevada Mountains provides 30% of California’s drinking water? Eddie Bauer has planted over 300,000 trees in fire damaged areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which has helped filter billions of gallons of water for plants, animals and residents.


The Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas is one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the world, with thousands of plants, animals and insects depending on it for their homes. Over the course of our 23-year partnership, Eddie Bauer has restored nearly 2,000 acres of Texas thornscrub, creating critical habitat for the endangered ocelot of this region.


Whether you live in the middle of a city, near a farm, or the middle of the mountains, forests impact all people. They provide jobs, recreation activities, health benefits and economic value. Eddie Bauer is best known for their passion for the outdoors, but the organization also has a passion for people. Together, we’re creating healthy, resilient forests that help stimulate jobs, provide places to experience nature, save lives and so much more.

Contribute to the One Tree Initiative

You can make a difference. One dollar plants one tree. With the launch of The One Tree Initiative, Eddie Bauer pledged its continued support of American Forests’ mission to protect and restore threatened forest ecosystems, #onetree at a time. Your gift of any amount will continue the Eddie Bauer tradition of conservation and commitment to our environment. Since the start of its partnership with American Forests in 1995, Eddie Bauer has helped plant 8 million trees. With your help, we can plant even more!