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Crystal Geyser & American Forests

A proud partner of American Forests since 2001, Crystal Geyser has planted 50,000 trees each year, leading to nearly 800,000 trees planted across the country. Our forests have a willing supporter thanks to their generosity and dedication to preserving the health of land, air and water.

Not only does Crystal Geyser generously donate money to plant trees, they also donate thousands of bottles of their Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water to keep American Forests’ volunteers hydrated during tree planting projects. With nearly 70 projects happening around the world in just 2016, donations such as these are vital to ensuring successful tree plantings.

Throughout our partnership, Crystal Geyser has impacted dozens of locations, such as Montana’s Custer National Forest when it was hit by wildfire for a second time in 20 years by the Kraft Springs Fire of 2002, and Angeles National Forest in California after the 2009 Station Fire burned nearly 25 percent of the area.

Thanks to generous corporate partners like Crystal Geyser, American Forests is able to help restore the environment one tree at a time.

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