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Thymes & American Forests

Thymes Frasier Fir Plant One Tree Program

Thymes is a bath, body and home fragrance company committed to artisan craftsmanship. Through fragrance and scents that enrich everyday life, they create deep, meaningful connections between their products, customers and the nature that surrounds them. Their largest collection, Frasier Fir, draws inspiration from the deep roots of the trees in the Chippewa National Forest in Thymes’ home state of Minnesota.

In 2016, Thymes launched Frasier Fir’s Northwoods and Statement collections based on one iconic fragrance. With the collection, Thymes set out to create Plant One Tree: a giveback program to support and restore the Chippewa National Forest. For every product sold in the Frasier Fir Northwoods and Statement Collections, a tree will be planted in partnership with American Forests, making the world a better place one tree at a time. Since the launch of the program, Thymes has planted more than 140,000 trees.

But Frasier Fir doesn’t stop there. In addition to supporting the restoration of forests, the program instills a deep sense of goodwill for everyone involved, from those handcrafting the products to the customers enjoying them.

“Frasier Fir’s just-cut-fresh, forest scent instantly captures hearts and conjures joyous memories, especially around the holidays,” explains Amy Banks, brand director at Thymes. “The feelings that it evokes have played a big part of it becoming a holiday tradition and staple in so many homes across America, and really, all over the world.”

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