American Forests addresses the mission of protecting and restoring forests with a comprehensive, action-oriented, and education-focused approach.

Plant Trees – For over two decades, our Global ReLeaf program has worked on more than 600 projects with local partners to plant trees in every state, and in 38 countries around the world.

Ensure the Health of Urban Forests – American Forests works to promote understanding of the value of trees’ many important environmental and ecological services in your community.

Restore Forest Ecosystems – American Forests rebuilds forests; in some cases restoring a degraded forest, in others, rebuilding a destroyed ecosystem from scratch.

Educate the Public – We believe that an educated public will undertake responsible forest stewardship when they understand what trees and forests do for the environment and for us.

Advocate for Sound Forest Policy – On the national level, we work with policymakers to advocate for increased support for research and programs to benefit forests, the training of an ecosystem workforce, and the development of monitoring systems.

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