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Content related to the work in the Rocky Mountains through our flagship program, Wildlands for Wildlife.

Earthkeepers: It Starts With a Fever

Read the inspiring story of Melissa Jenkins, a woman with a mission and a passion for protecting the whitebark pine.

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One Tree, Many Futures

Learn about the fight to save the whitebark pine, a keystone species on the brink of extinction, and what American Forests is doing to help.

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Saving Forest Habitat

A word from our president & CEO.

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Future of the grizzly bear in Northern Rockies and Cascades

The whitebark pine, vital to the many wildlife species of the Northern Rockies and Cascades, is now a candidate for the endangered species list.

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Crown of the Continent: An Ecosystem in Peril, Thanks to Humans

Learn how the "Crown of the Continent" ecosystem is facing threats from pests and disease, thanks to human activity, and what American Forests is doing about it.

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