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Slow, but Steady

Recently, 30 young gopher tortoises were released in South Carolina, part of a 5-year effort to restore the species to the Southeastern U.S.

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Project Showcase: A Long and Bright Future for Longleaf Pine

How American Forests is helping restore longleaf pine in Alabama.

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Woodpeckers: The Engineers of Ecosystems

Discover how one species can have a profound impact on the entire longleaf pine ecosystem.

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Joining Forces to Double Longleaf Pine Forests by 2024

Discover how we're helping double longleaf pine forests in the Southeastern U.S. by 2024.

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Home for the Holidays: The Gopher Tortoise and Longleaf Pines

The gopher tortoise has lost 95 percent of its original habitat. Learn how you can contribute to our Home for the Holidays campaign to help this keystone species.

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