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To make analysis and data collection of urban forests easier in the field, a few organizations have adapted their tools to mobile versions.

  • i-Tree Mobile is a new data collection system that is available for i-Tree Streets and i-Tree Eco. This allows users to enter data from the field and take advantage of the GPS abilities of smartphones and tablets.
  • Tree Plotter Inventory App. Credit: Plan-it GEO

    Tree Plotter Inventory App. Credit: Plan-It GEO

    Urban Forest Cloud Tree Inventory App allows users to inventory trees in an easy-to-use webmap and export the data to an ESRI shapefile or MS Excel/Access file for use in other software applications. It serves as a tool for individuals without tree inventory software and as a supplemental, highly accessible tool for those with inventory software.

  • Tree Sense is a mobile app from The Davey Tree Expert Company. The app allows users to quantify and qualify the benefits of trees, including air quality, electricity savings and stormwater reduction. Users can also figure out the best placement for future tree plantings in order to maximize their benefits.

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