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If you’re interested in the benefits of individual trees, there are a number of calculator tools designed to estimate the environmental services of single trees.

  • i-Tree Design is a simple, parcel-based tool that allows users to estimate the benefits of individual trees. By inputting the location, size, species and condition of an individual tree, an estimate of benefits is generated. Users can also forecast the tree’s benefit into the future. i-Tree Design is a useful tool for homeowners and landowners looking to assess the value of trees on their property.
    i-Tree Design overall-benefits

    Credit: i-Tree Design

  • National Tree Benefit Calculator is an online tool that allows users to calculate the value of a tree by entering a zip code or using the map feature.
  • The Center for Urban Research Tree Carbon Calculator (CTCC) was developed in 2008 by the U.S. Forest Service as a resource for information on tree planting projects and their carbon dioxide sequestration. The CTCC format is an Excel spreadsheet that is based on 16 different climate zones in the U.S. For each zone, sequestration is determined based on an individual tree’s species, size and age. Once a tree is selected and defined, the CTCC estimates how much carbon the tree has sequestered in a year and over its lifespan. It can also calculate a tree’s biomass potential. Based on proximity to buildings, a tree’s energy-saving capabilities can also be calculated using CTCC.

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