American Forests offers a range of tools and resources to help raise awareness about the benefits of urban forests and to advance the understanding and use of science-based measures of those benefits.

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Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide – A step-by-step guide to urban forest assessments with a list of available tools and technologies. Carbon Offsets and the Urban Forest – Discover the role that urban forests play in carbon offsets and markets from field experts.   Tree Facts – Discover the many benefits that trees provide for cities; from reduced building energy use to stormwater runoff reduction.
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Urban Forest PSAs – Four short videos highlight the wide variety of benefits that urban forests provide and inspires viewers to participate in protecting their urban forest. Big Trees Protection Toolkit – A step-by-step guide, with detailed action items, to help you protect a threatened tree in your neighborhood. Carbon Footprint Calculator – See how many trees you would need to plant to offset your annual carbon footprint. American Forests can help you plant them!