This project is measuring the benefits of the public street trees throughout Pasadena to quantify the economic and health benefits they provide. This analysis is especially focusing on the air quality benefits of the urban forest to help address major challenges for the city: air pollution and smog. Additionally, the assessment is highlighting energy savings, carbon dioxide reduction and property value increases. This assessment is being used to inform the city’s future Urban Forest Management Plan.

Pasadena City Hall, Calif.

Trees surround Pasadena City Hall. Credit: Payton Chung

Key Findings:

  • Pasadena’s 58,267 street trees provide more than $8 million in cumulative benefits each year. These benefits include:
    • $6.94 million in property value increases and other aesthetic and socioeconomic benefits.
    • $1.36 million in air quality benefits.
    • More than $260,000 in energy savings.
    • More than $151,000 in carbon reduction benefits.
  • The replacement cost of the trees would be more than $308 million.
  • Pasadena’s street trees provide 663 acres of canopy cover, shading around 27 percent of streets and sidewalks.

Read the full Assessment Report.

Tree Planting Events:
American Forests and local partners will work the community in Fall 2014 to have coordinated successful restoration plantings. Previous restoration projects occurred in:

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