HR 2095 – Energy Conservation Through Trees Act of 2011

American Forests supports Representative Matsui’s proposed “Energy Conservation Through Trees Act of 2011.”  This legislation would support programs run by electric utilities to work with tree-planting nonprofits to use targeted planting of shade trees in order to reduce residential energy demand

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As noted in the press release put out by the Congresswoman’s office:

“American Forests is in full support of Congresswoman Doris Matsui’s innovative “Energy

Conservation Through Trees Act.” This legislation provides a strong incentive for electric utilities to partner with nonprofit organizations and support strategic tree-planting projects that will lower peak energy demand and conserve energy. Strategically placed trees will offer homeowners numerous benefits, beyond lowering their energy bills. Shade trees help mitigate the urban heat island effect, improve air quality by absorbing particulate matter, store carbon, improve drinking water quality, and reduce stormwater run-off and flooding. American Forests encourages members of Congress to follow Representative Matsui’s leadership in understanding all the benefits trees provide.”

-Scott Steen, CEO of American Forests

The Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition (SUFC)

SUFC members held their annual Hill Day in March 2012 to discuss and highlight urban forests in the following:

American Forests is the chair of the Policy Work Group and member of the Steering Committee for the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition, a group of nonprofits, businesses and foresters that advocate for legislation relating to urban forests and green infrastructure.  SUFC members believe vibrant, vital communities grow from healthy natural systems. To promote livable communities, we create, conserve and sustain urban forests resources, trees, and green spaces where people live.

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The SUFC works to:

    1. Increase tangible support for urban forests on a national, regional and local level;
    2. Educate diverse audience about the value and need for healthy trees in cities; and
    3. Network and leverage resources and knowledge among member organizations.

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