Immediately upon receiving your tree kit, take the tree out of its bag and remove the sponge. Please dispose of responsibly. Set the fertilizer tablet aside.

Check to see that you have received the following items:

  • Greenhouse tube laced with 2 black ratchet ties
  • Wood stake
  • Bird safety net
  • Planting instructions
  • Certificate of Authenticity – may be sent separately

If any parts are missing or damaged, please call customer service at (800) 368-5748.  KEEP ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING THE BOX as we may need to process a claim with the delivery company.

Water your tree so that the water runs through the holes in the bottom. Do not leave the tree in standing water. Place the tree in indirect sunlight until you are ready to plant. You should plant your tree within 2 to 7 days of receiving it, keeping the soil moist until planted.

Prior to planting, you may store your new tree in a protected location, making sure to water it daily.

To plant your tree, you will need a hammer, a five gallon bucket of water, and a shovel.

STEP 1 – Select a Planting Location

Before choosing a location, consider the height and spread of your tree. Before digging, call your local utilities company to identify the location of any underground utilities. With your shovel, cut a planting area that is 12 inches in diameter. Turn the soil to a depth of 6 inches, and remove all rocks, roots, and weeds.

STEP 2 – Remove the Tree from the Pot

To remove the tree from the pot, start by squeezing the sides and gently turn­ing the tree into the palm of your hand. Discard or reuse the pot.

STEP 3 – Plant the Tree

Place the tree in the center of the planting area so that the depth of the soil is the same as it was in the pot. Back fill with the existing soil, creating a water ring at the outside edge of the planting area.

Step 4 –  Place Greenhouse Tube

Gently ease the greenhouse tube over the tree, fluted end up. Seat the tube 2 inches deep into the soil. Run the wood stake down the ratchet locking ties, and hammer it into the soil until it is firm. Tighten the ratchet ties so that the stake firmly supports the tube.

Step 5 –  Mulch

Mulch the entire planting area with bark, pine straw, or leaves to 4 inches deep. Keep mulch an inch away from the tree trunk because mulch piled around the trunk may keep it too moist and lead to fungal problems. Gently stretch the bird safety net and ease it over the top of the greenhouse tube, pulling it down about half way.

Please note: If you received a fertilizer tablet, insert tablet about two inches into the soil and two inches out from the tube.

Step 6 – Water

Water the entire planting area with five gallons of water.

Water your tree weekly for the first three months with five gallons of water. After the first three months, water only in times of drought. The greenhouse tube should remain on the tree at least two years, or until it has developed a trunk that needs no support. When the tree is dormant (leafless for at least 30 days), you may prune any undesirable branches.

NOTE:  Johnny Appleseed Apple Trees are grafted, meaning the root­stock and the canopy (top) are two different plants. Watch for sucker growth coming directly off the rootstock, and remove these suckers with hand pruners. If suckers are not removed, an undesirable tree will result.