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Perry State Forest

Year Planted: 1994
Trees Planted: 65,300
Location: Ohio

The water runoff from a 72 acre strip-mined hillside in the Perry State Forest runs into the New Lexington reservoir, which provides water for the town of New Lexington. However, the water quality was negatively affected by the acid producing mine wastes. In 1994 this site was reforested by the Ohio DNR-Division of Forestry with 65,300 Virginia pine inoculated with P.t.(Pitholithus tinctorius) myccorhizae. Research indicates that trees inoculated this way respond well on harsh sites, like those formerly mined. Water quality in the New Lexington reservoir should be enhanced and the planting of tree should prevent erosion. Additionally, there will be increased aesthetic quality and cover and diversity for wildlife in an area dominated by hardwoods and crop fields on adjacent private lands.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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