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Name of Project: WildEarth Guardians 2010 New Mexico Riparian Restoration

Number of Trees Planted: 136,000

Directly Benefits:  Four watersheds

Location: New Mexico

Year: 2010


  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Restore riparian forests
  • Reforest 195 acres


Notable Highlights

American Forests and WildEarth Guardians planted 136,000 native shrubs and trees across four distinct watershed located throughout the state of New Mexico.  These four project areas are located along the Santa Fe River, Bluewater Creek, La Jencia Creek, and the Rio Puerco.

All of these watercourses experienced intense historic damage as a result of  domestic and wild ungulate overgrazing and browsing; destabilized stream channels and banks; non-native shrub and tree establishment; extreme temperature loading and fluctuations; and impacts of off-highway vehicles. This project was able to address these problems and improve degraded streams and riparian functionality. This was accomplished by undertaking a variety restoration measures, including:  non-native species removal; stream channel and bank stabilization; native species reforestation; domestic and wild ungulate control; and prohibiting off-highway vehicle access.

This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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