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Project Name: Oahe Bottoms Tree Planting

Location: Burleigh, North Dakota

Number of Trees: 3,000

North Dakota’s Burleigh County Soil Conservation District focuses on providing education for sustainable cropping and grazing systems based on soil health. Its services include planning and designing for no-till cropping and tree planting. American Forests teamed up with this district to reforest areas devastated by a 2011 flood that killed many trees along the Missouri River. Three thousand trees, of a variety of species, were planted across 15 acres, where forest was lost due to prolonged flooding. The planting provided critical habitat for many native wildlife species. The Burleigh County Soil Conservation District will monitor the area to determine the success of the planting and ensure the benefits to the wildlife.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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