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Project Name: Creek ReLeaf

Location: Charlotte, NC

Number of Trees: 2,500

Charlotte is North Carolina’s largest metropolitan area and, as of the 2012 census, the 17th largest U.S. city based on population. The Charlotte Tree Fund is a nonprofit that focuses on massive tree loss from natural disasters. In 2008, the fund formed Creek ReLeaf to focus on reforestation for stream buffer areas. American Forests is partnering with Creek ReLeaf to plant 2,500 trees, including silky dogwood, red maple, paw paw and black willow, across six acres. This project includes planting live stakes to stabilize stream banks, installing tree tubes and weed mats for protection and educating volunteers on proper tree planting. The new trees will aid in stabilizing stream banks by reducing volume and runoff, provide shade and improve water quality.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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