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Project Name: Cranesville Swamp Red Spruce Restoration

Location: Cranesville Swamp Preserve, Maryland

Number of Trees: 4,000

Cranesville Swamp Preserve, located in Maryland and West Virginia, is unique in that it harbors a rare variety of plants and animals that are normally seen in northern climate regions. Recently, many of the valued species of the preserve have been threatened by climate change. This project will collect red spruce seedlings from Cranesville’s neighboring Monongahela National Forest to transfer and plant on the preserve. American Forests will aid this reforestation by planting 4,000 red spruce seedlings across a 50-acre span of land. In recent years, similar plantings have been particularly successful in the preserve and have yielded major benefits. This planting will accelerate evergreen cover, slow runoff into the wetlands and enhance habitat for a variety of threatened and endangered species.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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