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Moraine Hills State Park

Year Planted: 1999
Trees Planted: 17,000
Location: Illinois

In 1999, 17,000 native seedlings were planted on 20 acres in this state park in a suburb of Chicago. This planting, which included white pine, walnut, ash, four varities of oak and various shrubs, will benefit local forest wildlife and will provide a potential home in the larger woods for several threatened and endangered Illinois flora and fauna. The district forester also will use the site to educate and convince farmers and local landowners to reforest private lands. The site was once part of expansive forested areas decimated by turn-of-the-century agriculture, railroad, and farm expansion. The field sits next to a remnant oak-hickory forest, now old pasture grass and weedy shrubs in need of heavy mowing. Partners include Illinois DNR Forestry & Lands Division, local volunteers or various community groups.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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