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Bear Tornado

Year Planted: 2008
Trees Planted: 49,354
Location: Idaho

In June 2006 a tornado touched down near Bear, Idaho and affected approximately 4,336 acres of the Payette National Forest. Most of the blow down area lost between 20-50 percent of its canopy coverage. The Forest Service will plant 50,000 conifers in 2008 to restore the damaged area located near the town Bear, Idaho. Benefits of the project include watershed restoration, fuels reduction and bark beetle risk reduction. Wildlife that will benefit from rapid reforestation include the northern goshawk, Canada lynx, gray wolf, pileated woodpecker, white-headed woodpecker, elk and the northern Idaho ground squirrel. Council High School is participating in this project by growing conifer seedlings in their greenhouse.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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