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Delaware Bay Riparian II

Year Planted: 2002
Trees Planted: 348,000
Location: Delaware

This project takes place during the first year of the states participation in the federal comprehensive reforestation initiative Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. The habitat created will benefit migratory birds, amphibians, reptiles, and a variety of aquatic species. It will also reduce forest fragmentation and nutrient runoff from agricultural land. By enhancing water quality in the Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay, and inland bays of Delaware, the reforestation will improve habitat for federally listed species such as the bald eagle. In the long term this project will create much-needed habitat for neotropical migrants. In the short term small mammals, ground-nesting birds, and the raptors that feed on them will benefit from the saplings. The project continued with the planting of 348,000 seedlings on agricultural lands throughout Delaware.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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