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Agua Fria Restoration Project

Year Planted: 1992
Trees Planted: 250
Location: Arizona

The seasonally flowing Agua Fria River, running through the YMCA's Chauncey Ranch, supports a priceless remnant of one of North America's most endangered forest communities: the cottonwood/willow riparian gallery forest. The potential for successful restoration and regeneration of this priceless ecosystem is very high. With planting and long term care of cottonwood and willow pole cuttings, native grass propagation, streambank stabilization, reduction of channelization, and protection from grazing, the remnant forest communities found along the river and in the nearby cottonwood grove will regain age-size-species diversity and should regenerate into the future. In addition to providing critical habitat for native plant and wildlife species, cleaner air, and cleaner water, this restoration project will be an important component of the Chauncey Ranch's new environmental education program. To this end 250 pole cuttings of Western cottonwood and San Joaquin willow were planted, with the assistance of college students and YMCA volunteers.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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