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Project Name: Arkansas ReLeaf

Location: Arkansas

Number of Trees: 150

American Forests paired with Arkansas Releaf to help the city of Marmaduke, which has been impacted by natural disasters. Marmaduke was hit by a tornado in 2011 two years after it was devastated by an ice storm costing the city much of its tree canopy. To restore the lost trees, Arkansas Releaf held a planting event for Arkansas’ official Arbor Day. Twenty-nine large trees were planted throughout one of Marmaduke’s parks to help provide immediate shade. A hundred smaller trees were distributed to community members, and 500 pine seedlings were presented to a local Boy Scout troop to plant. This project aimed to not only help restore the tree canopy of Marmaduke, but educate community members on different tree species, selection and placement.



This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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