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Reforestation of the Peruvian Coastal Belt

Year Planted: 2010
Trees Planted: 5,398
Location: Peru

This project aims to help stop and reverse the desertification process that is happening in the surrounding area of the city of Ica in Perus southern coastal belt. Because of the local peoples high need for a cheap energy source, 98% of the original native forest has been cleared, much of it for charcoal production. The project will plant 3,000 trees to help stop the desertification and soil erosion that has resulted from this massive deforestation, and to improve soil quality and water tables in the Huarango dry forests that surround Ica. Participants will also conduct programs to raise public awareness so that the public understands the importance of these trees to their own lives.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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