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Supu Forest Reserve Restoration

Year Planted: 2008
Trees Planted: 26,316
Location: Malaysia

Over the last 30 years more than 90 percent of the Lower Kinabatangan catchment area has been converted to permanent agricultural crops, leaving a fragmented corridor of just over 40,000 ha of natural forest along the Kinabatangan River. Supu Forest Reserve, the Kinabatangan's largest single forest reserve, is one of the single largest remaining natural forest habitats for endangered species such as the orangutan, storms stork, Borneon bristlehead, and other rare endemic species such as the proboscis monkey and Borneon gibbon. It also has the largest remaining area of peat swamp forests in the Lower Kinabatangan. Despite this, it has suffered from illegal timber poaching and drought-induced fires. Partnering with American Forests, the Shared Earth Foundation, and the Abraham Foundation, MESCOT will restore degraded forest within Supu Reserve by planting 30,000 trees over a two-year period.

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