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The Glades Red Spruce Restoration I

Year Planted: 2008
Trees Planted: 4,000
Location: Maryland

The Glades is a 600 acre property owned by TNC. It is the oldest and largest rainwater-fed, mountain peat bog in the eastern non-glaciated U.S. The area has been frequently logged and grazed reducing the forest cover and near-eradication of red spruce adding to the regional decline of the red spruce. This is a continuation of a project the TNC did with American Forests in 1996 and 1998, which will create age diversity in the forested area. TNC staff and volunteers will help to hand plant the site. This is a designated critical conservation area in the Central Appalachian Forest and contains habitat for black bear, fisher and neotropical migrant birds along with threatened and endangered species like Bog copper, Alder flycatcher, Nashville warbler and Silver-bordered fritillary.

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