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Reforestation after Hurricane Stan

Year Planted: 2007
Trees Planted: 89,274
Location: Guatemala

American Forests helped to plant 89,274 trees in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in an area deforested by mudslides caused by Hurricane Stan in 2005. This project is also teaching farmers how to reforest and why living trees are important. This education is meant to help prevent the slash and burn mentality of farmers. The Alliance for International Reforestation staff members are native to the region and speak the indigenous language of Kaqchikel. In the program the AIR work with the villages for five years to ensure lasting lessons of reforestation and they form leadership groups to create ownership and pride for the farmers. The seedlings planted were native pino, aliso, cuasariana and the endangered Guatemallan species pinabete.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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