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TNC Spruce Mountain Restoration Project

Year Planted: 2006
Trees Planted: 2,700
Location: West Virginia

American Forests will partner with The Nature Conservancy in West Virginia in a red spruce restoration project on Spruce Mountain, the highest mountain in the state. Red spruce is a high elevation species in the southern Appalachian Mountains and once covered all the highest elevation mountains in West Virginia. Past land uses have reduced this unique forest community to a small fraction of its historical range. Global ReLeaf will support the Conservancys efforts in 2006 to plant 3,000 red spruce and help restore the red spruce-northern hardwood forests for the at-risk species habitat it provides. Plantings will help increase habitat for federally-endangered flying squirrel and a federally-threatened salamander and dramatically improve spruce regeneration in the area.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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