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Volcan Mountain Operation Re-Green

Year Planted: 2005
Trees Planted: 50,000
Location: California

In July of 2002, the Pines Fire started just north of the town of Julian, California burning the majority of the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, a property owned by the state of California and jointly managed by the CA Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) and the Ca Department of Fish and Game (DFG). The north mountain parcel, known as Volcan Mountain, was purchased with a combination of state Wildfire Conservation funding and federal Forest Legacy Program grant funds. The property, which is open to the public, is managed for wildlife habitat and forestry education. Due to the heavy fuels, time of year and topography, the extremely hot temperatures generate by this fire consumed much of the naturally accumulated seed bank contained in the soil and mulch. This has resulted in an insignificant amount of natural conifer regeneration over the majority of the once forested landscape. Presently, much of the area is devoid of vegetation except for some areas of annual grasses and brush. The granitic soil is exposed and continues to erode. In collaboration with the DFG Biologist, those areas proposed for rehabilitation will be reforested in accordance with planting regimes focusing on three eventual habitat types. American Forests helped plant 50,000 trees this year.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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