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Trees for Sarajevo 2000

Year Planted: 2000
Trees Planted: 20,000
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosnian city of Sarajevo was ravaged by hostilities from 1992-1997 leaving the once wooded landscape barren. Trees were destroyed by fighting or harvested to provide fuel for cooking and heating. The result was not only a loss of trees, but a serious risk of landslide on newly deforested hillsides. Several sites at risk of landslides were selected for the spring plantings, along with plantings planned in more urban areas, done by a partnership between American Forests and the city of Sarajevo, lead by the deputy mayor of Sarajevo. Plantings were completed by local students led by forestry experts as part of a scout program. Additional help was provided by the Army of the Federation. Participants hope to continue plantings in the years to come.

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