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Potawot Health Village - United Indian Services

Year Planted: 2000
Trees Planted: 2,600
Location: California

With support from Global ReLeaf, United Indian Health Services Inc. planted over 1600 native trees and 1000 native shrubs on a 20-acre conservation easement. This easement is immediately adjacent to Potawot Health Village and is designed to be fully integrated and complimentary to the health care facility's Health and Wellness Department and Nutrition Department. This is being accomplished by restoring the 20-acre easement with culturally significant plant species, by constructing 1.5 miles of walking trails and wildlife viewing stations, and creating a demonstration basket garden and generally edible landscape. Cultural, health and wellness programs of the health clinic will merge with an environmental education project to emphasize the importance of a healthy environment to the health of the individual, to the local native American Indian and non-native community.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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