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Applegate Watershed Restoration #4

Year Planted: 2000
Trees Planted: 37,000
Location: Oregon

In the fourth year of a multi-year partnership, American Forests, the Bureau of Land Management (Medford District), and the Applegate River Watershed Council teamed up with private landowners, local organizations, contractors, students, Southern Oregon Flyfishers and other volunteers to plant 37,000 trees. Over 100 properties were involved and 32 different types of native species were planted. Individual site plans were developed for each site to insure the planting of the most adaptable and appropriate plant species and amounts. The trees will help reforest riparian area damaged by logging and development. Benefits from this partnership venture are shade for waterways, reduced erosion and sedimentation, improved water quality and fish habitat, increased riparian wildlife habitat, education for landowners and increased public participation.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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