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Mountains to Sound Greenway- Re-Greening Logging Roads

Year Planted: 1999
Trees Planted: 25,450
Location: Washington

Approximately 25,000 trees were planted on highly visible, 5 miles of former logging roads on land owned by the Forest Service and the Washington DNR. Mountains to Sound Greenway coordinated the removal of roads on the sides of mountains along I-90. In decommissioning a logging road, the road-bed is torn up and area re-contoured to the natural slope. Volunteers then spread a biosolids compost, seed and hay to prevent erosion. However, long term vegetation is still necessary to prevent erosion. This project will stabilize the hillsides, decrease erosion from mountain slopes, improve water quality downhill, erase the visible scars from former roads, demonstrate how biosolids can benefit the environment, increase wildlife habitat, decreases the amount of trash and vandalism to public lands by removing roads and will add trails where appropriate to increase recreation. 91 volunteers from many organizations participated in the planting of the trees.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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