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Esmeraldas Reforestation

Year Planted: 1998
Trees Planted: 18,675
Location: Ecuador

Esmeraldas, Ecuador is 18,675 trees greener, thanks to a tree planting project by Fundacion Natura in 1998-1999. The region surrounding the city contains the largest remnant of tropical rain forest on the Ecuadorian Coast. However, deforestation from timber production, shrimp exploitation and disorderly urban growth created danger from landslides and floods. 12 different species of tropical trees were planted in 7 different 'barrios' or neighborhoods in the city. The trees were planted by the Fundacion Natura technical team, community members, students, teachers, municipality and university employees and Ecuadorian Army conscripts. This project will reforest public spaces, restore parks, protect against landslides and floods, improve the environment of marginal neighborhoods, promote tourism, prevent erosion, provide clean air and water and educate students and the community.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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