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Sandy River Delta Riparian #1

Year Planted: 1998
Trees Planted: 2,000
Location: Oregon

In 1990 the Forest Service purchased 1,400 acres of the Sandy River Delta, which is the last largest undeveloped remnant of the Columbia River floodplain in the Portland area. This area affects the watersheds of the Sandy and Columbia Rivers. The long term goal is to restore 400 acres of riparian forest which has been extensively cleared and invaded by undesirable species. As such, the native plant habitat is almost gone. This 5 acre pilot project experimented with a range of site preparation and planting techniques in order to discover which methods work best in this particular landscape. Long term this project will restore the riparian ecosystem and will improve habitat for riparian animal species such as herons, bald eagles, amphibians and neo-tropical birds. Other participants in this project include the Forest Service, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Friends of Trees, who provided volunteers to plant the trees.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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