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Fruit Tree Plantation at Niamina Samhung - Phase Two

Year Planted: 1997
Trees Planted: 0
Location: Gambia

The Gambian Rural Development Agency (GARDA) is a group focused on bettering the lives of rural women in Gambia. They worked in conjunction with American forests to plant fruit trees in the North Bank Division of the Niumi District, a rural area of Gambia. This tree planting was targeted at community members who depend on farming for their daily survival. In conjunction with GARDA, community members identified the needs of the community and selected tree types and locations based on these needs. Long term care of these trees will be done by females in the adjacent areas along with youth groups. Training will be provided by GARDA. The area where the trees were planted can also be used as a community garden and since all of the trees selected were fruit bearing they community can directly benefit from the project and supplement their diets.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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