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Bago Watershed Development Project

Year Planted: 1997
Trees Planted: 11,250
Location: Philippines

In the Philippines, the Bago watershed is one of the most critical watersheds in the Negros Occidental province. The Bago watershed is the main source of water for many industries, businesses, and irrigation and also serves as a source of potable water. However, logging and slash and burn farming caused rapid deforestation of the watershed. In response, the Institute of Climate, Energy, and Environment developed the Adopt-A-Hectare project. In this project individuals, corporations, and government agencies are invited to adopt a hectare of land with the aim of reforestation. On the land sponsored by American Forests and Larson-Juhl, six host families planted 11,250 seedlings in 1997 and cared for the land. The six families also received training in several areas, including biodiversity, team-building and farm planning. A portion of the area adopted was also set aside for agro-forestry and high-value crop production to provide the families with alternative sources of income. This community-based approach to watershed rehabilitation will provide many benefits for those involved.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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