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Betsie River

Year Planted: 1997
Trees Planted: 48,200
Location: Michigan

The Betsie River in Michigan is an ideal river for trout fishing, in addition to also containing salmon and steelhead. Unfortunately, when a dam washed away an extreme amount of severe bank erosion and sedimentation occurred, which covered fish breeding beds. To combat these problems the Conservation Resource Alliance planted 48,200 trees on the Betsie River riparian corridor. The goal of this 2 year project was to plant trees to improve water quality and the aesthetic and recreational qualities. Trees will help to reduce erosion, strengthen banks and keep water temperatures cooler and more compatible for fish. Additionally, trees will provide wildlife cover and will create favorable conditions for canoeing, fishing, and other recreational activities. Another benefit of the project is that local communities were educated on the importance trees play in river ecosystems. There were 25 partners in this venture, with local volunteers, landowners and work crews doing the site prep and planting, and the Michigan Soil & Water Conservation Districts providing the seedlings.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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