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Kuopio Urban School Park Planting

Year Planted: 1994
Trees Planted: 700
Location: Finland

In 1994 American Forests partnered with the city government of Kuopio, Finland to plant 700 trees and shrubs at a new school and a nearby park. This planting was part of the sister-city tree planting program, in which Minneapolis, Minnesota was the sister city to Kuopio and also planted trees at a school site. It is hoped that planting trees in these sister cities will help to develop contacts between the schools. In Kuopio, the trees were planted in the yard area of the upper level of the Kallavesi (Pyoro) comprehensive school and the central park of Kuoppamaki. Softwood conifer trees were primarily planted, as they are a rarity in Finland. Briggs and Stratton sponsored this project.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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