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Hungary Model Projects

Year Planted: 1991
Trees Planted: 2,370
Location: Hungary

The Global ReLeaf campaign in Hungary took on the name, 'Plant a Tree for Your Inheritors,' and as its first project accepted applications for small grants from citizens' groups. The venture was supported by funds from the German Marshall Fund. In the end six diverse local projects were accepted. The first involved planting trees within a 15,000-flat housing development outside of Old Buda, with 100 participants working over 2 weekends. The second planted trees in the affected area near Nagymaros Dam. Hungarian President Arpad Goncz attended and spoke at this event. The third provided resources to the Szeged Forestry School to restore a nearby forest ecosystem. The fourth supported a street tree maintenance program at Varosmajor, and the remaining two took place in a village and children's club, respectively. Local groups mobilized rapidly and tree plantings were characterized by moments of celebration and community spirit.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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