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Indian Creek Recreation Area

Year Planted: 1991
Trees Planted: 17,000
Location: California

In the mid-1980s, a great, catastrophic wildfire swept through northeastern California's Alpine County, scorching 2,500 acres of scenic native pine forest. Although emergency action was taken to plant wildlife forage and stabilize the land, no reforestation had yet been initiated, at least until 1991 with Global Releaf. Located not far from Sacramento, California and Carson City, Nevada, The Recreation Area had a large following of visitors seeking a retreat in this largely forested, scenic wilderness. Thirty-four acres of the Recreation Area were then reforested with pinyon and Jeffrey pine in hopes of beautifying a scarred landscape and providing valuable cover for wildlife. For businesses in rural Alpine County, aesthetics and wildlife take on economic as well as their own intrinsic value, as much of the local economy depends on the eco-tourism industry. Human and non-human, for relaxation or for a livelihood, there has been much local interest in this forest literally growing out of the ashes. Almost two decades after the fire, Indian Creek Recreation Area has begun to heal, and deer, birds, mountain lions, bears, turkeys and eagles regularly traverse the site.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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