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Connecting Forest Fragments at Devils Lake State Park

Year Planted: 2010
Trees Planted: 21,500
Location: Wisconsin

This project will plant 21,500 hardwood trees on the 10,000-acre property of Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin, on what is currently an inactive agricultural field. The trees planted will help connect forest fragments, allowing for larger habitats for wildlife and improving forest health. The reforestation of this upland hardwood forest will mimic natural regeneration and limit habitat for invasive species. The tree species to be planted in this area include the Northern Red Oak, White Oak, Black Walnut, and the Black Cherry. Along with the tree plantings, this project also includes establishing informational signs that will help educate the public about the importance of forest cover to wildlife, recreation, and the forest products industry.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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