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Black River State Forest #4

Year Planted: 1998
Trees Planted: 224,000
Location: Wisconsin

In 1998 on the Black River State Forest, 224,000 seedlings were planted by the Wisconsin DNR on 260 acres that had been severely defoliated by the jack pine budworm from 1992-1994. This infection resulted in a loss of 40% of jack pine in the forest and approximately 4,000 acres required assistance. This project funded the planting of trees over and above the acres planted with the state budget. Red, white and jack pines were planted in an alternating pattern to avoid continuous stands of jack pine that would encourage another outbreak. Additionally, green and white ash were planted and openings were left in the forest cover to encourage regeneration of other native species. This project will restore jack pine to the forest, supply important forest products to the community and will manage habitat for the Karner Blue butterfly and the Phlox Flower moth, which are endangered in Wisconsin.

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