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Blackwater River State Forest III

Year Planted: 1994
Trees Planted: 141,000
Location: Florida

Blackwater River State Forest was acquired in the early 1930s by the U.S. Government as a land-use project. It was later deeded to the State of Florida. It is Florida's largest state forest and a true multiple-use forest with timber management, recreation, and wildlife management all playing important roles. Blackwater contains one of the largest stands of longleaf pine remaining in the United States. The Division of Forestry planned to convert thousands of acres of slash pine plantations back to longleaf pine. The magnificent virgin longleaf pine forest of the Southeastern United States has been depleted to a small portion of its original acreage. It has truly become an endangered ecosystem, and it appears that its sole chance for continuing to exist is through its perpetuation on public lands. The Division of Forestry continued to protect and expand the range of the longleaf pine with an additional 141,000 seedlings in 1994, comprising two separate plantings.

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