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Sterling Nature Center

Year Planted: 2000
Trees Planted: 2,500
Location: New York

This area in northern Cayuga county will be managed to sustain a variety of tree use practices. Former crop fields will be managed reflect meadow/crop field practices used by local landowners. This will include corn/small grain/hay, rotational mowing to control hardwood establishment and meadow management for wildlife. Additionally, since Christmas tree farming is an important land use in the area, a demonstration Christmas tree farm will be set up for the education of more sustainable ways to raise commercial trees. Finally, a new arboretum will be an important tool for teaching the identification, life histories and uses of local plant species. The arboretum will feature hardwoods and conifers important to Central New York. To make this project possible American Forests partnered with Friends of Sterling Nature Center, Ontario Orchards, the Boy Scouts and area school groups.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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