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Sustainable Forest Establishment In Pennsylvania

Year Planted: 2007
Trees Planted: 15,275
Location: Pennsylvania

The clearcutting of a hardwood forest along a ridgetop in Susquehannock State Forest in 2004 left the area vulnerable to heavy deer browsing and dense grass growth. Those factors are keeping the hardwoods from reestablishing and foresters fear a change in dominant tree species from northern hardwoods to soft maples as a result. In 2007 American Forests partnered with the Hardwood Forestry Fund to plant 15,275 black cherry and northern red oak seedlings and erect a fence to protect them from deer. The fence will be removed once the seedlings are well established. A regeneration harvest will be conducted from 2107 to 2127 to ensure successful seedling regeneration.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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