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Mattole River Bear Trap Restoration III

Year Planted: 1995
Trees Planted: 25,000
Location: California

Native forest resources in the upland area of the Mattole watershed were heavily cutover and converted to grassland for grazing purposes while under private ownership. The project area known as the Bear Trap Ranch was acquired in 1983 and the Bureau of Land Management has been reforesting the area since 1985. The Mattole River Estuary is an important juvenile rearing area and adult holding area for chinook and coho salmon (listed at high risk of extinction) and steelhead. This multi-year project will establish riparian vegetation along the south bank/gravel bar of the Mattole River Estuary. The Bear Trap Restoration efforts were extended for a third year with the planting of an additional 25,000 Douglas-fir seedlings.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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