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Gramm Area Reforestation, Medicine Bow Routt NF

Year Planted: 2005
Trees Planted: 90,000
Location: Wyoming

90,000 Lodgepole Pine were planted on a fire site that burned in July of 2003, consuming more than 700 acres. Some potions within the burned area were not entirely consumed leaving some seed source for regeneration, however most of the interior was a crown fire that decimated the cones in the canopy. Most of the seed source that remained was spruce and fir with some lodgepole, however, the locations do not provide seeding in areas that have been more thoroughly burned. Natural regeneration will be slow and erratic in areas of the burn due to the Gramm fires severity, intensity and lack of available seed source. Hand planting many of the severely burned areas will benefit many resources by re-establishing tree canopy. By reforesting the sites, lodgepole pine will help stabilize the erosive granitic soils, provide habitat for various wildlife species, and restore aesthetic appeal for disbursed recreation activities.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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