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Buffalo Creek Reforestation

Year Planted: 1999
Trees Planted: 4,350
Location: Colorado

In 1996 a wildfire burned 12,000 acres in the Buffalo Creek watershed, followed by flooding, which affected the secondary and tertiary drainages of the South Platte and North Fork of the South Platte River. This U.S. Forest Service planted 4,350 ponderosa pine on 450 acres of the fire area, to enhance viewsheds, create vegetation continuity along public and private boundaries and improve sites that are frequently visited by the public from the Denver metroplitan area. Trees will help stabilize the soil and provide a future seed source for continued reforestation of the burned area. The local ranger district works closely with the Colorado State Forest Service to coordinate planting along public and private boundary lines. Trees were furnished by the USFS Bessey Tree Nursery and Plant-it-2000 offered some financial help to purchase seedlings.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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