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Name of Project: Maxwell Arboretum Planting

Location: Lincoln, NE

Number of Trees: 66

Maxwell Arboretum, located on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was designed to be an essential forest resource, but over the years, time and weather have taken their toll on much of the vegetation. The arboretum is a concentrated example of what has happened to community trees all over Nebraska. An inventory taken by the Nebraska Forest Service revealed that Nebraska has lost approximately half of its community tree resources since the late 1970s. Many trees in Lincoln have been victim to natural disaster, Dutch elm disease and pine wilt disease. American Forests will aid the Maxwell Arboretum in planting 66 trees to restore tree canopy, provide habitat and reduce stormwater runoff in urban areas in Lincoln.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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