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Chernobyl Commemorative Plantings

Year Planted: 1996
Trees Planted: 13,100
Location: Ukraine

The goals of this project were to increase the wooded area in places where people from the Chernobyl zone were relocated, to improve the environmental and sanitary conditions of newly-developed settlements, to strengthen the social status of the displaced by involving them in the project development and implementation, and to commemorate the victims of the years after Chernobyl and thus symbolize the continuation of life in the face of tragedy. Participants included the National EcoCentre of Ukraine, the citizen group 'Green Ukraine,' Global ReLeaf, and local people and authorities. Plantings sponsored by Global ReLeaf took place in the Holosyiv Forest of Kyiv (with the cooperation of the Municipal Forest Agency and National Agrarian University students) and around child care centers and schools in Cherkasy, where many Chernobyl refugees settled with their families. This project has come to symbolize the responsibility to remember.


This project was supported by our corporate partner, the Alcoa Foundation.

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